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What are the advantages of fennel seeds?


It is a typical practice to eat saunf or fennel seeds post suppers. They are incredible digestives and help rinse your sense of taste as well after an overwhelming dinner. Other than being a decent stomach related, fennel seeds have hostile to bacterial properties that keep awful breath away. Its carminative properties keep fart under control and furthermore calm menstrual torment. It beats water maintenance, keeps you far from frailty and is useful for weight reduction as well. On the off chance that you are thinking about how to utilize these seeds in your day by day slim down other than as a stomach related, here are some snappy tips:

Sherbet: Soak 1 container fennel seeds, 1 glass sugar in 7-8 glasses of water. Leave this overnight so the water retains the flavor. This sherbet is quite recently ideal for the summers as fennel seeds have cooling properties as well. Strain the water before expending. You can include more water on the off chance that the flavor is excessively solid. You can avoid the sugar and include nectar when you devour the drink for a more advantageous variant.

Vegetable or meat stock: You can include fennel seeds or powder while heating up your vegetable or meat stock for soups and stew. Include only a spoonful of the seeds for an extraordinary flavor.


Dal: The paanch phoran blend is a prevalent mix of flavors utilized as a part of Bengali sustenance. You can include fennel seeds alongside mustard, cumin seeds while hardening dals or different curries.

Teas: For rainstorm and winters, you can bubble fennel seeds in water and expend the hot tea with nectar. You can even include a couple of seeds while blending your green tea to upgrade the flavor and appreciate the medical advantages of fennel seeds. Saunf can be added to drain based teas.

Pickles: Traditionally, saunf is added to a couple of pickles like lemon and mango.

Crisp plate of mixed greens dressings: Put some fennel seeds in a blender till it turns into a powder. Utilize it in serving of mixed greens dressings for a new flavor. You can even sprinkle it on couple of plates of mixed greens.

Pastries: Flavor your yogurt or organic product plates of mixed greens with a fennel seeds powder. You can even add them to your flapjack or malpua hitter. The flavor is genuinely stunning. You can even add the saunf powder to loan flavor to masala drain.

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