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What are the best cooking methods for the healthy diet?


The way you prepare dinner your meal determines how a lot of nutrients it retains so switch to these wholesome cooking methods.

The way you cook your food helps in increasing, decreasing or maintaining its dietary price. When you deep-fry meals items or overcook them, possibilities are they lose their essential nutrients and that makes them unhealthy. They simplest add energy in your frame without surely giving the full blessings. So, it’s miles clearly crucial that you cook the proper manner to obtain in all the benefits. right here are some cooking methods that help hold the vitamins and do now not add on extra energy for your plate.

Strain cooking

That is a common Indian cooking method for making rice, dals, curries, and so on. Stress cooking is one of the satisfactory techniques because it does not require awful lot oil and the vegetables cook dinner in water that retains the nutrients. the extra pressure constructed interior cooks the food faster as well so make certain which you cook as many veggies as you may the usage of this fashion.


For some greens, you do not want to an excessive amount of pressure and so steaming works just high-quality. You also need lesser water and this one too does not require an excessive amount of oil, in truth, you could cook dinner without oil as properly. Steaming or boiling veggies keeps the vitamins and you can season them with spices and devour them as its miles without any different accompaniments.



Grilling your favored greens by way of marinating them first is a remarkable manner to decorate flavor as well as hold the health quotient excessive. From meat to veggies, you may grill whatever you want and even make mains which can be fully cooked and flavor yum.


Roasting is just like grilling and then there may be something referred to as dry-roasting as well this is regularly finished for spices and some herbs. But you can use this cooking style for food as properly. From roast bird to paneer and gravies, try this method to live wholesomely.


The fish fry isn’t very unusual in India but due to the effect of western nations, it is slowly selecting up. Barbeque additionally does no longer need plenty oil, however, heat from charcoal that is suited for cooking and marination that provides taste to greens and meat you use. These days, you may even locate small fish fry sets that can be used at domestic for cooking or even electric barbeques. So do this approach at home for some healthful cooking.

So avoid frying and sautéing your vegetables too much and transfer to those cooking techniques instead.

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