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ATM, Online, and Cash Transaction to be escalated by SBI


The State Bank of India (SBI) has amended service charges on ATM withdrawals for customers using its SBI Mobile Buddy app and was made effective from June 1.The charges on other cash and online transactions have also been increased by the bank. The aim behind SBI’s decision to charge customers

Make cow our national animal, suggested Judge


The Judge  Mahesh Chandra Sharma from Rajasthan High Court presented his point that cow must be made a national animal. He also recommended that the punishment of cow slaughter should be changed from 10 years to a lifetime imprisonment.Making cow a national animal is a tale of years and has

Vadodara makes it to the Guinness Book of World Records


Vadodara now registers itself to the Guinness Book of World Records on May 29 by sweeping a single venue by a maximum number of people. It is declared as the 10th cleanest city in the country. The place was swept by dividing participants in the group of 50 people each.“Swacch

Woman Got divorced for switching off fan


There are many traditions which are meant to be mending and one of them is ‘triple talaq’ thing. There have been many cases of misuse of triple talaq.The case is three years old but it came for hearing at the Public Complaint Centre in Pydhonie, recently. A former taxi driver

Petrol prices to decrease in future


When the news of Electric Cars is in the air, one more good news is on the way, petrol prices may be lowered to Rs.30 per liter or even less.The chatter isn’t superficial but is an argument presented by RethinkX co-founder and Stanford University economist and Professor Tony Seba.He firmly

Akhilesh spent Rs. 10.33cr for pension to Yash Bharti awardees


It was found by RTI query that the UP government has spent Rs. 10.32cr to give pension to 172 winners of the Yash Bharti awardees.The award was given in recognition of their share in art, literature, films, journalism, sports and science.They were awarded during Akhilesh Yadav's rule.The RTI query was

Drug Smugglers find a new way


Gone are the days when pigeons were used to deliver letters and secret information. In contemporary modern times when the letters have changed to emails, pigeons must have felt unemployed so human beings have crafted new works for the bored pigeon. Recently a case was reported in Kuwait where a

Tejas: the destiny trains


New Delhi: the long waited for Tejas expressly is prepared to rock the track on May 22 which routes from Mumbai to Goa. The fares of Tejas explicit will be 20% better than of the Shatabdi specific.It’ll be flagged on May 22 through railway minister Suresh Prabhu and the education

Monitoring Crime in UP changed phase

Yogi Adityanath is to keep an eye on crime through the special cell.Lucknow: BJP takes initiatives to ensure that crime across Uttar Pradesh is reduced. The propaganda is to set up the Special cell which will be personally monitored by the chief minister to assess the situation said the state’s

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tossed a new equation “IT + IT = IT”


New Delhi: Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, yesterday devised a new remarkable equation to portray the future of India. While he was addressing the audience at the launch of Supreme Court's new digital filing system, he said to people's bewilderment “IT + IT = IT". He meant "Information Technology