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Facebook will launch new messaging app for teens


According to The Information, a tech magazine Facebook is planning to launch a new version of its Messenger App only for teens and it would be called “Talk”.The app will let parents keep an eye on their children’s contacts, monitor them and keep a track of their chat histories.But the

‘Audi use software program to cheat Diesel Emission Tests’ complained German Transport Minister


German delivery minister, Alexander Dobridnt suggested that 24,000 vehicles between 2009 and 2013 are geared up with the software program to cheat the emissions check.The scandal flared up on Thursday.The allegation has already brought hassle to the figure enterprise Volkswagen.He said that the motors sold between 2009 and 2013 would

Truecaller becomes more popular than Facebook


Truecaller, the largest communication app becomes the fourth most downloaded app in India by defeating the biggest social app, Facebook.It gets more than one lakh in-app advertisers every day.Truecaller was founded by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam in 2009.Three years back, Truecaller raised $18.8 million in funding led by Sequoia

MacBook can be turned to gaming machine, unveiled Nvidia


Mobile phones and Laptops have become as essential as food to the modern generation. But one thing that doesn't change is playing games that too have shifted from outdoors to indoors, anyways virtual technology does it all.Laptops don't come handy when it comes to games especially Apple's MacBook. Even MacBook

Hospital devices too became vulnerable to cyber attacks


According to the recent studies, Hospital devices like Pacemakers and insulin pumps, etc are prone to cyber attacks because most of the times they have security problems.Researchers Billy Rios and Dr. Johnathan Butt studied the wide range of pacemaker produced by four different manufacturers and surrounding other devices used to

Google “big brother” watches you everywhere


Google products have become an essential part of our life like Gmail, Browser, Maps and YouTube. The company has made its way of earning money by our personal data.Google on its blog said that it can view if the marketers are earning money on online add even if the payment

Odisha boy generated electricity from Rs 500 notes


Bhubaneswar: Country has recently come out of the trauma of demonetization; a young 17-year old science student from Nuapada district of Odisha has tossed techniques to produce electricity from scrapped Rs 500 notes. His invention has gained national attention. PMO has directed the State Science and Technology Department to submit