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EVM challenge to begin from 3 June


The Election Commission of India announces the onset of EVM hack challenge from June 3.

Nasim Zaidi, the Chief Election Commissioner put forth that any national and state political party can name 3 people to hack the EVM.

This is done to preserve the “purity, integrity and creditability” of the electoral democracy as marked by Zaidi while reinforcing that the EVM can’t tamper.

Elections have always been an important part of our democratic country where the government is formed by the people and is for the people.

Approximately, 16 political parties reported about tampered EVM in the recent assembly elections. They raised the demand of paper-ballot elections to ensure that there is no adultery.

Although the Election Commissioner negotiated all such comments, the opposite party said that they do not trust them and the rules must be reinforced. If not done so, they would take EC’s memorandum to the President Pranab Mukherjee.

After the accusations of the Electronic Voting Machines’ tampering, the Election Commission openly invited people to hack the same to prove them secured.


The challenge is multi-leveled and is open for experts, technocrats, and scientists. It began from May for a week to ten days.

During the same, the opposition parties met President to convey their threat of tampered EVM. A similar case aroused in 2009.

The parties like BSP and AAP who recently lost elections in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur, Goa and Punjab complained that the EVM has tampered in the favor of BJP.

To be very firm on their judgment, AAP also gave a live demonstration in the Delhi Assembly Session of how easily an EVM can be tampered and hacked.

Later on May 10, it was unveiled that the machine used by AAP was just a prototype.

The rumor of easily tampered EVM has then become superficial and the Election Commission has taken measures to make elections more safe and equalitarian.

EC assured that the EVM is different and more secure than the prototype and it cannot be manipulated.

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