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Face cream made from blood


The title may be shocking to you but it is true. American Model, Hailey Baldwin announced that she uses a face cream which is made out from her own blood.

“I use a lotion from one dermatologist, who came and took blood from my arm,” said Baldwin.

The Dermatologist of the model has introduced a new technique to her which involves, taking blood from her arm, which is later filtered by the special machine. It is then added to the custom product.

“It was spun in the machine that separated blood cells, and then they created a cream just for me. I feel like that is pretty peculiar” she summoned.


It is true that beauty is earned by everyone in this world but being so freakishly desperate for the same is rare. A beauty cream from blood is unheard of but in the 21st century, everything’s possible.

When she was asked if she woke up with a spot on the skin just a day before the show, to which she answered “I’m psycho about my skin. First, I’d freak out. ‘Did that really happen?’ I take good care of my skin, so it doesn’t usually happen. I have medicines from the dermatologist I can use, but you have to patient.”

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