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Facebook will launch new messaging app for teens


According to The Information, a tech magazine Facebook is planning to launch a new version of its Messenger App only for teens and it would be called “Talk”.

The app will let parents keep an eye on their children’s contacts, monitor them and keep a track of their chat histories.

But the app will not be open to adults and strangers. Facebook has decided to mum about this.

The magazine reported that lines of code were found in Facebook’s main app which viewed the advent of the new parental controls which will vary Talk from Messenger.

Facebook has yet not spoken about this. The company has decided to be silent on the issue but it can also be expected for something like this to happen because big companies often experiment with varied ideas. But the dilemma still stands that when will the app be released or will it release at all? Well, let’s wait and see…


“Talk is a messaging app where you fully control the contacts. Your child uses the Talk app to chat with you in Messenger.” says the source.

The app will be available for the children who are 13 and above and can be accessed without a Facebook account. Also, the app will not be publicly searchable so that kids do not fall into strangers.

It is also predicted that the Talk app from Facebook may also target rival Snapchat’s teenage audience. According to reports, a survey conducted revealed that 58% of the college students use Snapchat more frequently than Facebook.

In a poll conducted by LendEDU, Snapchat has now become favorite among masses which have put Facebook’s popularity at stake. Facebook may be now looking forward to being a hit shot among teenagers and regain the title of the best app among them.

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