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Google increases the rewards of the worm bounty software


In 2015, Google released a bug bounty program with a praise of up to $38000 to find the bugs in Android. The program becomes then bounded to Nexus 6 telephone and Nexus 9 pills. Those gadgets run on Google’s stock version Android.

A bug bounty application is a deal which is obtainable via software builders and web sites wherein an individual can benefit recognition by reporting insects. Trojan horse bounty application has been carried out by using many other corporations like facebook, yahoo etc.


Nobody but has been capable of grasp the praise for largest bounties. So, the organization has now increased the prize money to attract a number of scientists to just accept the mission. Google believes that such software is useful for the android surroundings. The reality stays that no one has been able to host this type of problem for the android core components.

The challenge is reinforced after a malware assault named “Judy” which hit over 36.5mn android phones. Judy is simply an example because in keeping with cyber security firm take a look at the point, the overall of malicious apps downloaded from the play save is up to 18.5mn instances.

Some of those have been in the store for years. These breaches are capable handiest of harming the old models because the more recent ones have superior generation.

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