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Health benefits of Green Tea


Green Tea is the healthiest of all beverages. It has incredible health benefits and is an ideal choice for reducing the weight. It has the ability to diminish the belly fat and get a person in proper shape. It conquers over all hefty food materials and is essential for a mighty lifestyle. Flavonoids and Catechins in green tea promote the well-being of the body.  Some amazing health benefits are:

1. Green Tea is a magical beverage has anti-oxidating, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Green Tea lowers the risk of Cancer in the body. It cures oesophageal, oral and lung cancer. It also reduces the risk of breast cancer in a woman by 22%.

3. Green tea boosts up the metabolic system and levels up the immunity of the body.

4. It reduces the formation of free-radical in the body which in return resist the cell and molecule damage.


5.It lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Green tea descends the risk of strokes too. It lowers down the risk of death and mortality rate, especially in women.

6. Green tea is also best supplements for coffee which has a lot of caffeine in it. It activates the brain immediately and enhances the physical performance.

7. The anti-oxidating property of green tea keeps the skin radiating and younger for more years. It adds to the glow of the skin and makes it more ravishing.

8. It also reduces the risk of the two neurodegenerative disorders i.e. Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

9. It lowers down the fasting blood sugar level and also decreases the concentration of bad cholesterol in the body. It eliminates from the body all kinds of toxic fluids and makes it clean.

10. It completely eliminates fat from the body which is probably the prime reason of consuming Green Tea.

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