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Healthy Rainy Season Lifestyle


Rainy Season is the best season for everyone. Children love playing in rain, young couples love strolling in rain and the married couple loves enjoying a cup of tea and pakora in rain. Basically, rain is everybody’s favourite. The environment looks clearer and greener. The surrounding becomes beautiful. But with rain comes many problems.  It causes skin and hair problem. Stagnant water too is a cause of many diseases. It brings in a lot of mosquitoes which may cause malaria and dengue.

Some life hacks are:

1. Rainy season makes skin look oily and greasier. The humidity in the air also irritates the skin so, to prevent all such problems it becomes essential to take good care of skin. Washing face with suitable face wash and carrying face wipes is the best option to prevent fullness of skin.

2. Many women experience a lot of hair fall during the rainy season. Losing hair pains every female’s heart. To reduce hair fall one must ensure that they provide hair the complete nourishment it requires. Oiling and braiding are the best cures to hair fall during rain.


3. The mosquitoes count increases enormously during this season. If you are allergic to coils and fumed substances, a natural anti-mosquito formula can be used. Boiled Neem gas is very effective in pushing them out of the house. Also, infants and children must be taken care of especially by captivating them in fine nets.

4. We should also not let water to stay at one place or stagnate at one place. Also, the water in tanks too must be restored after short intervals.

Rain is a God- gifted entity. One must cherish it completely. If the above-mentioned care is taken, this season will become a memorable time with no hurdles. You’ll be able to enjoy it unobstructed with the loved ones.

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