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“Hope Kangana Ranaut casts me in her film,” says Irrfan Khan


One of the best Indian actors, Irrfan Khan wants to work in Kangana Ranaut’s directorial project “Teju”. He hopes that the actress casts him in the movie.

There was a buzz that Kangana and Irrfan were going to star in a movie titled “Divine Lovers” but Kangana declined saying that she wants to do movies with solo leads. She sure did achieve success by her much hit movie “Queen”.

In the success party of his latest movie ‘Hindi Medium’, Irrfan remarked about Kangana, “Kangana is a fantastic actor. I heard she is now becoming a director. I hope she will cast me in her film. The fact I like about hers the way she has made her place in the industry, and her career graph has been phenomenal.”


Also, his latest movie “Hindi Medium”, which was critiqued as a flop movie turned out to be successful and Irrfan was really happy about it. The movie also stars Pakistani actress Saba Qamar and the irreverent Deepak Dobriyal in pivotal roles. The budget of the movie was Rs. 22 crore.

Irrfan gratified saying, “I’d like to congratulate our team and thank the audience for praising our film. Many times, I tell my film’s producers that getting me to do the film’s marketing will not have had any effect on the business because I feel if the media likes our film, they play a huge role in its marketing. The audience also goes to theaters by word of mouth.”

The movie earned Rs. 39.55 till the date and much more to go. Irrfan Khan has emerged as an underdog winner against “Half Girlfriend” that had more budgets. The movie is still strong at the box office. The hard work of the actors is being praised.

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