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Hospital devices too became vulnerable to cyber attacks


According to the recent studies, Hospital devices like Pacemakers and insulin pumps, etc are prone to cyber attacks because most of the times they have security problems.

Researchers Billy Rios and Dr. Johnathan Butt studied the wide range of pacemaker produced by four different manufacturers and surrounding other devices used to manage them and they found that the manufacturers faced a lot of problem in keeping the devices bugs free.

They also reported that only a few were encrypted and protected.

Users don’t know that the pacemakers used in their bodies are secured or not. None of the pacemakers used were protected with credentials or passwords. The patients too are careless enough to check whether the device is authentic before connecting.

The small size of the pacemaker makes it difficult for manufacturers to add safety features.

The study conducted by Ponemon Institution, LLC, questioned manufacturers, hospitals, and organization about the devices used by them to treat patients and it was shocking to reveal that 80% of the equipments were hard to secure.


The study clearly depicted that the manufacturers were ignorant to write security code and the devices became prone to cyber attacks.

The Ponemon Institution, LLC put forth that only 9% of manufacturers and 5% of health organization tested their devices annually to detect the vulnerability.

It was found that 49% of the manufacturers do not use the advice given by US Food and Drug Administration to secure products.

Dr. Larry Ponemon, the co-author of the study said, “The security of medical devices is truly a life or death issue. It is urgent that medical device industry makes the security of devices a high priority.”

Hacking a pacemaker isn’t a big deal. Creeping into any medical device like the pacemaker is easy for hackers.

Healthcare IT consulting firm, CynergisTek CEO Mac McMillan said, “None of this is rocket science. Pretty much anybody can do this.”

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