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Investments in India must be increased said US lawmakers


Robert Orr, Professor and Dean of the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy made the statement at the Congressional hearing, “India is thinking big and moving big.”

He apprised US lawmakers of the leaps India is making towards development and clean energy.

During his visit to India last year, he apprehended a lot of Indian Industries.

Robert Orr spoke at a hearing on US leadership in Asia-Pacific organized by Senate Foreign Relation Subcommittee on East Asia.

According to Orr, India has met its wind and solar energy goals and has also surpassed them. They are also attracting huge investments.


He said that it is a great opportunity for the US to invest in the renewable because virtually all every major corporation in India is investing heavily in it.

India is serious about its climate change commitments and realized the benefits of investing in the renewable resources. The reason behind the same is China’s massive growth.

He was sure enough that India under Prime Minister’s smart cities project will stimulate economic growth with infrastructural development. India continues to rely on IT sectors and cyber security which intakes a huge amount of investment, he added.

He glamorized these aspects of India for US cooperation to invest.

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