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How to keep yourself safe from air pollution and stay healthy?


Every 12 months at some point of the iciness season, thick poisonous smog descend over Delhi main to a surge in the number of respiration and cardiac issues. In step with medical doctors, round 30,000 people die in NCR and Delhi all through winter months each yr due to deteriorating satisfactory of the air. It’s far from smoking 50 cigarettes in a day and docs have warned of around a 50% increase in respiration issues in sufferers, resulting in the shortage of ICU beds and ventilators. The air excellent hit this yr’s worst considering Tuesday and the contributing factors include vehicular pollutants, smoke, and dust from avenue and creation sites.

It isn’t a simple undertaking to solve the problem of air pollutants and also you want to take some steps decrease the chance of pollution-related breathing and cardiac issues. Follow these pointers to shield yourself from the air pollution and stay healthy.

1. Use pollution mask in case you are venturing out

Whenever you step out to make certain to wear a great satisfactory pollution mask. You may purchase anti-pollutants masks like N95 air mask and N99 VOG masks.

2. Quit smoking

To keep yourself and your own family healthful, do now not smoke. Your lungs will thank for this.

3. Devour right to boost immunity

Your frame is getting used to the changing climate this time of the 12 months, so it’s miles at risk of infections. Consuming the proper food will improve your immune gadget and keep off the diseases. Your food regimen needs to encompass veggies and fruits wealthy in omega fatty acids, vitamin c, and magnesium. These are the foods you can eat to reinforce your immunity. Also, make certain you’re ingesting enough water.

4. Installation an air purifier

You could purchase air cleaner these days and it’s the nice way to fight to air pollutants. When you have an air purifier, it is recommended to frequently air your house. Flip off the air purifier and open the window whilst you recognize the pollution is low.


5. Set up an app to display pollutants

There are numerous apps to be had to display outdoor air pollutants. Download and deploy the app on your Smartphone and check the pollutants stage before you step out. The authority of India has launched safer-air, a mobile app which can let you know approximately the air pollutants.

6. Use vacuum cleaner

In preference to sweeping the floor, vacuum it. This can assist decrease the dirt in your own home. Get a vacuum with HEPA clear out or a microfiltration bag, it’ll be beneficial if you are allergic to pollen, dust and dirt mites.

7. Deploy air pollutants sensors in your property

Air pollutants sensors are the high-accuracy and occasional-fee device that will help you to reveal the extent of pollutants in your home.

8. Have natural tea

Natural tea like ginger tea and Tulsi tea are beneficial. It will now not only soothe your irritated throat, however, may also assist improve your immunity.

9. Get indoor vegetation

There are many plants that purify the air. It will help reduce the air pollutants on your property. Here is a listing of plants you could maintain in your house for cleaner air. Lots of those floras are clean to preserve and are hardy.

Try and follow these tips to protect yourself from the air pollution. Additionally, working out regularly to preserve your frame wholesome.

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