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Life hacks for fresh and glowing skin

During harsh summers, skin becomes dull and lifeless and is at risk of being damaged. The scorching summer brings with self-many uninvited guests like acne, rashes, pimples, oily skin, breakouts etc. Every teenager and woman are threatened​ by it. So, with changing outfits it is the time to change the daily skin care techniques.

Dermatologist and Aesthetic Physician Rashmi Shetty and Celebrity Makeup Artist Namrata Soni shared some beauty and skin hacks that will help you cope up the summer stress and bring out the diva in you. Your desire to be beautiful as a bollywood actress will come true.

Here are the hacks-

1. Removal of the dead skin after shower

It is advised by our experts to moisturize skin before showering with oil and to remove the dead skin after the shower. We are more likely to exfoliate it before a shower. Removal of dead skin before shower can cause itchiness and irritation and may also damage it because of dryness. So, to remove dead skin effortlessly it is mandatory to take shower first and also to use an appropriate scrub. A soft towel can be an alternative too.

2. Don’t forget your best friend “Sunscreen”

Sunscreen is the perfect mate in this season. A little tan adds to the beauty but too much of it harms the skin. A lasting exposure to the Sun can cause sunburns leaving spots on the skin. Any sunscreen with minimum 30 SPF is a good food for skin in summers and is to be applied 20 minutes prior leaving the house. They help in reducing wrinkles and spots. It is also recommended to wash face with cold water after the sun care and moisturize it.

3. Re-moisturize the body

The hectic city lives worsen the scenario for the skin. It sucks out the moisture making it dry and rough. It is essential to hydrate body with a good milky and non-sticky moisturizer. It is advisable to apply moisturizer on damp skin to cover more area of the body. A well- scented and skin-friendly moisturizer helps through the humid weather of the city thereby preventing irritation and body odor.

4. Moisturize before shaving

Shaving is the safest way of hair removal and is dermatologist’s recommended. Summer is the time for short dresses and skirts. Delayed waxing appointment and the painful waxing can be substituted by shaving. It also prevents rashes and skin damage caused by waxing.

Gillette Venus Breeze Razor is popular among ladies that has skin conditioning agents like butter and glycerin that keeps skin moisturized after shaving.

5. Take a day-break before hitting a beach or pool

The salt and chlorine from beach and pool respectively can cause itchiness, burning, and irritation to the newly shaved skin. So, a day off is advised.  Also, apply sunscreen before and after swimming to avoid tanning.

After these life hacks, eating healthy and loads of good fruits rich in vitamins make skin glow, even more, giving you a perfect summer fresh look.

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