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Monitoring Crime in UP changed phase

Yogi Adityanath is to keep an eye on crime through the special cell.

Lucknow: BJP takes initiatives to ensure that crime across Uttar Pradesh is reduced. The propaganda is to set up the Special cell which will be personally monitored by the chief minister to assess the situation said the state’s Energy Minister Shrikant Sharma. He also said that BJP promises the security of the state’s people and checked crime in 50 days.

Crime in Uttar Pradesh has increased lately. During the same, the opponent parties have been questioning have the Laws and Orders of the state. The chaotic condition of the state is deplorable and needed an amendment to which BJP government has approached. They designed a new framework which ensures peace in the state by none other than the head of the state, the Chief Minister.

Answering to the argument of the Samajwadi Party who criticized BJP for the law and order in UP, Mr. Sharma said, “Those SP leaders, who have carried criminals and rapists with them in cars should introspect.” He added, “A special cell will be constituted in Chief Minister’s office for crime monitoring, which will be done personally by the chief minister.”

When Mr. Sharma was queried about the Party Legislator Radha Mohan Das Agarwal’s encounter with the woman Police Officer in Gorakhpur, he said that Mr. Adityanath asked legislators to restrain while dealing with officers, “especially women”. Defending MLA, Mr. Sharma said that localities of Gorakhpur complained about the “tough actions” of the police officer.

Last week, the incident took place in Gorakhpur when the police officer led a team to evict protestor, Mr. Agrawal reprimanded them.

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