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Prime Minister Narendra Modi tossed a new equation “IT + IT = IT”


New Delhi: Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, yesterday devised a new remarkable equation to portray the future of India. While he was addressing the audience at the launch of Supreme Court’s new digital filing system, he said to people’s bewilderment “IT + IT = IT”. He meant “Information Technology + Indian Talent = India Tomorrow”.

PM Narendra Modi said that the country should welcome technology collectively and not as a way to present self-fashionable and modern. All the sections of the society must embrace technology to the fullest.

The PM said “Embracing technology can’t happen if only a few people are Keen on it. The scale must be larger”.

He also discoursed the “mindset issues” of people.

“Mindsets have to change, that will be the beginning. However much we automate things or introduce technology, if mindsets don’t change nothing will happen”, said the PM.

He cited an example from the common household to strengthen his point. He said,

“Even when we send someone an SMS, we later call them up asking ‘Did you get my SMS?’ This is what I mean I say old mindsets need to change”.

During this course, he also mentioned about e-governance.

“E-governance is easy, effective and economical. It’s also environment-friendly. Paperless offices will benefit the environment”.

In yesterday’s event, Narendra  Modi inaugurated Supreme Court’s ICMIS, it is digital service which will enable people to file complaints online

“Let us create a mass movement to provide legal aid to the poor,” he remarked.

He commemorated his last meeting with CJI –

“In my last meeting with CJI, he had expressed concern on how to reduce the number of cases which are pending.”

He praised Supreme Court saying that it has taken a good step in the right direction. Digital route focuses on the application of Science and technology which will definitely help in the development of the country.

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