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Signs that tell you to marry her


It is true that girls have a checklist for Mr. Perfect but it is also necessary for boys to at least make a framework for “Miss Right”. Before marrying a girl there are several questions that come to a guys mind like is she perfect? Will she be able to adjust? Do I really want to marry her? Etc. Getting cold feet is also normal.

So boys here are a canvas that you must use before picturing a ‘happily ever after’ with your wife:

1. Understanding

Nothing is more beautiful than a partner who understands you and your mistakes. The girl who knows you more than you know yourself is the best choice you can ever make.

2. Efforts, key to happiness

Seeing your beloved smile because of you and being more a giver makes you a perfect couple. If your happiness matters to her the most, she is the right girl man.

3. Support System

It has been said from times immemorial that, “Behind every successful man is a woman.” If your girl supports you, motivates you, care for you and help you then, you already have a diamond with you.

4. Life becomes beautiful with her

If she adds spark to your life, every time you see her, you skip a beat, you have butterflies in your stomach, the world looks a better place to live in, and then, she is your home.

5. Accepts the real you

If your girl accepts you the way you are, she doesn’t want to change any tiny-tiny bit of yours, and then she is definitely right for you. You don’t have to think twice.


6. Trust

The foundation of every relationship is trust. It becomes difficult to trust someone if it is once broken. So, it becomes very important to trust you, partner. Marriage is a lifelong commitment so it becomes essential to gain the trust of each other.

7. You are never bored of her

If you are attracted to her personality more than her looks and she then seems to you the most beautiful person, dude you’re lucky. To get married, it is compulsory that you feel a bond towards her. If she keeps you interested then marriage will work with her.

8. Similarities

If you hobbies match, interests are similar and liking too, congratulations, you are a perfect couple. It is believed that people with similar paths for life live together for a longer time.

9. Family oriented

If your girl keeps the family tied together and treats your family as hers, she is obviously your best achievement. A woman who respects you and your family will make a very good wife and also will keep your family happy.

10. Physical Intimacy

Getting intimate with your partner is an essential aspect of a relationship. If you sex, whenever it turns out to be best, then you guys are meant to be together. Physical chemistry is as important as mental chemistry.

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