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Top 10 styles you should probably pin


Fashion Trends come and go. Once there was a time of bell bottom jeans or the tight leather pants but now narrowed jeans have taken up the course. These trends retreat after the irregular gap.

Let’s have a look at the fresh 2017 styles…

1) Denim jackets are more in style nowadays. You can outstand them by adding buttons and patches. With little inexpensive customization, the plain denim jacket is ready to rock.

2) Comfy dresses like suit sets, pajama-like tops are a hit among ladies who choose comfort first. They are trendy as well as easy wear.

3) The bell sleeves have now gained over off-shoulder tops which were seen to add style to the wardrobe in 2016.

4) High neck tops were trending years back and seem like they are back in fashion in 2017.

5) The styles of 80 have resprung this year. These trends can be seen on runways and expos.


6) Accessories never go out of style. This year it’s the time for earrings, one earring trend is long-held, and you must now stud yourself with multiple earrings.

7) The style of the flat is very irresistible and comes handy with cheap prices. They popped up in different versions like velvet, suede and furless.

8) Political tees were a talk show in 2016 because of elections and the trend continues this year.

9) Neons are now out of style, neutral colors and versatile shades are makes a good wardrobe.

10) Denim never went out of style and will prevail through this year too. They vary from lighter shades to distressed jeans.

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