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Ways to turn a classic white shirt into fashion fantasy


A white shirt is never out of style. It can be worn with any kind of lower and will never let your fashion sense be mocked. We present to you a few styles; a white shirt can be combined to and worn. You will possibly be ready to slay:-

1. Formal slays:

A waistcoat on a white shirt and you’re completely ready to attend a meeting or presentation. The White shirt gives the best formal look with black pants and black jacket.


2. Add layers:

A pastel sweater with a few layers of jewelry and you’re set with a new look. Partying with this dress makes you look classy and sassy.


3. For a light and breezy evening:

A white shirt with long open cardigan and denim is perfect for an evening stroll. It gives you a cool look and traveling places with this look is comfortable and clingy.


4. Floral Fusion:

A white shirt with a floral skirt that gives a fresh and edgy look. The pair can be worn in the office or at date night giving you a really fabulous look.


5. Winter Funk:

A black t-shirt over white shirt will be an amazing piece for winters. It will keep you warm as well as in style. This can be worn the either way. The black tee inside and a white shirt over it unbuttoned will give you a comfy and a cool look.


6. Casual Look:

Unbutton few buttons from the top and tie the bottoms of the shirt to the waist and pair it with shorts. This will make you look like a cool chic and sassy.


7. Meeting days:

Pair white shirt with a pastel circular skirt and you are all set to slay. Accessorize the dress with a necklace and you are ready to go for a date or meeting.


So, friends, these are some styles that will jazz up your white shirt and make it more stylish to wear.

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