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What a Girl thinks v/s what a Guy thinks before Hooking Up

History is evident to the fact that “Nobody can understand woman” and so does their cognition can never be correctly interpreted. Being Woman according to Psychology is also a cause of depression… Hilarious, isn’t it?

A Thought of man differs gravely from the thought of the woman. Although they are north and South Pole, but also opposite attracts.

What a girl thinks v/s what a man thinks.

Girl– He cheated on me.

Guy– We were on a break.

Girl– I think I should be in a legitimate relationship.

Guy– let’s have a fling.

Girl– Oh my God today’s going to be the day.

Guy– It’s time for some action.

Not only the thinking varies when it comes to relationships but also while forming a perspective about physical appearance.

Girl– I look so fat

Guy– I have grown up muscles

Girl– I don’t have clothes to wear at the wedding.

Guy– Pants I bought last year will do.

Girls always have a nag to question their guy. Suspecting them, charging them for misunderstandings. Guys, on the other hand, are also not innocent. Their casual behavior leads to more complexions in a relationship.

Girl– We going on a date tonight. It will be so romantic.

Guy– We are going to get some dinner.

Girl– He may be thinking about the way I look and my dress.

Guy– The place looks good and hopefully, the food too may be.

Girl– I should strike a conversation. He’s silent.

Guy– Why is waiter taking so long?

Lads are mostly carefree. They love if a girl supports them for all the fun but if she becomes a little conscious, it scorns their eye.

Be it, man or woman, we are the part of a journey that will only be commenced if we go together hand in hand. A relationship forms an important part of everyone’s life and to maintain a healthy one it is mandatory to consider the feelings of both the side because if one shakes, it may lead to a detour.

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