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What can you do when you are with your best friend?


A best friend is a person that knows you better than everyone else and can handle you at your worst. Your best friend has danced with you when you were happy and cried with you when you were sad. Nobody can ever replace your best friend. Your best friend is your perfect partner and soul mate.

Here is a list of things that you can do with your best friend:

1. You can send your ugly pictures and selfies to your best friend. They know you from a very long time and then will not even judge you for this. They deal with your mood swings and can tolerate you without make-up. Agree this that they are one who taught you to put on makeup. With your best friend, you need not bother about the lipstick or Kohl. They find you perfect as you are.

2. You can fight like enemies with your best friend and at the second moment, you can forget that nothing had happened at all. It isn’t necessary that you fight at major things even you can fight with them for the last slice of the Pizza. You both realize that you can’t live without each other after you fight that’s why you make things up with a warm hug with each other.


3. There is no time fixed to call your best friend. You can disturb them at 3 A.M. You can disturb each other’s sleep and get mad with each other. You talk about silly things to each other and act as a mad for each other. You mostly discuss unnecessary stuff with each other without a silence for a second.

You can be 100% honest with your best friend. You can tell them anything without having a thought of getting judged. You tell them your daily routine starting from your breakfast to your bed time. If you try to hide something then you can easily find it out. You both stay honest with each other and complete each other’s sentences without looking for each other.

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