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Why is hugging well for health?


Hugs are always good. The warm hug by our friend or lover not only comforts but it is good for health too. Here are some of the benefits of hugging m.

So go ahead, give a hug and get one: –

1. A warm embrace lowers blood pressure. By hugging your body releases hormones that keep your blood pressure lowers. The touch of your loved one on your skin sends signals to your brain and it lowers the blood pressure.

2. Hugging elevates mood. Serotonin, that is important for mood appetite and your thoughts are released when someone hugs you. The increased level of serotonin refreshes mood and keeps you happy.

3. Hugging also helps to regenerate muscles as it increases the level of oxytocin in our body. It is cuddled hug hormone; it plays a key role in muscle regeneration. Oxytocin fastens muscle regeneration.

4. Hugging reduces stress. It helps a lot when you are in stress, hugging will help you to relax as it reduces the stress hormone called as cortisol. Get a warm hug from your friend or lover for leave and calmness.


5. As per the psychological science, touch and hugs lowered the worry or mortality. Hug a teddy bear and feel safe. It alleviates fear.

6. Hugging helps to boosts immunity. It increases White blood cells in the body that helps you to fight the diseases.

7. Embrace makes you mindful. It makes your mind aware of a lot of things. You live in the moment when you receive a hug. Hugging is similar to meditation that makes the mind more aware and mindful.

8. It boosts self-esteem. The physical contact during a hug tells you that you are safe and good. This boosts self-esteem. All the hugs we receive from our parent’s lover and friends make us more self-confident and happy.

It is good for health. The heartbeat of the participant who receives hugs is comparatively lower than other who does not receive any hug.

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