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Woman amidst Uncertainties


Over thinking is a natural human tendency. We always think before arriving at any conclusion but women are known to over think. These can occupy brain for the longer time and constantly prick into our life. Here are 10 things that a girl over thinks about and is suggested not to.

So, let’s have a look:-

1: Am I size zero or size ten?

It is possibly every girl’s dilemma whether she is happy in her skin or not. No matter how beautiful a girl is she always has this one complaint about herself that is capable enough to keep her worried. Am I very skinny? Have I gained so much weight that I look like a moo? Our wishes change by looking and adoring another person and this should not happen. Lamenting over self and wishing to be like someone else makes you more stress. So, either you got to stop over-thinking or start working on what shape you would like to see yourself in.

2: Does my bra strap make my dress awkward?

Fashion industries have bestowed us with dresses with wide neckline or backless and this raises the issue of the visible bra strap. The bra is a relevant part of our dressing and the strap should not bother to anybody be it to the one wearing or the beholder.

3: PMS’s real stress giver

PMS or Premenstrual syndrome are universal to girls. Stressing, worrying, irritation are the symptoms of PMS. So, instead of worrying about being so much worried all you have to do is to consider it a monthly phase that will pass soon.

4: Do I want to commit?

Relationships have become so important in the lives of the teenager that having a boyfriend is necessary even when they don’t need one. Every girl is in a dilemma to live single or be with somebody. Giving this a thought is fine but do not stress about being single.

5: Am I in it?

Do I love him the right way? Am I ready to commit to him as my life partner? If you are in the relationship, do not always think of future, enjoy your present time. If the things are meant to work between you two, it will. Stop stressing over what may happen. Be happy and make your man happy.


6: Did he just give me a look?

Getting looks from guys in parties or any crowded place is normal. Spending the night over thinking about him and the possibilities to be with him is worthless. It can be a random glance too. So, just wait for it.

7: Are my eyebrows aligned?

I agree that eyebrows make face look different and nothing is perfect than rightly aligned eyebrows but worrying about the same too won’t make you a princess. Ladies be intelligent and do something more worthy.

8: Did he see me seeing him?

This question may tickle you but it’s true. Girls too like to checkout boys and being caught while doing so embarrass them. It is perfectly fine if you do so and gets caught. Your eyes too need the little treat, isn’t it? You might even get lucky.

9: Will I look desperate?

If I text him first will that be desperate or what should I text him so that I don’t feel more wanted? Stop questioning so much. It is a modern world and a girl initiating conversation will not form a bad impression. Just take the risk.

10: What if we were still together?

Worrying about the relationship that you gave up yourself is not right. Things may have worked out but they did not and this is why you are here. Don’t let such thoughts destroy your peace of mind. Control your emotions because if that didn’t work out, God must have better plans for you.

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