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Woman Got divorced for switching off fan


There are many traditions which are meant to be mending and one of them is ‘triple talaq’ thing. There have been many cases of misuse of triple talaq.

The case is three years old but it came for hearing at the Public Complaint Centre in Pydhonie, recently. A former taxi driver of 65 year age divorced his 55-year-old wife when she turned off the fan in the room while he was sleeping. The man has now complained that the woman has refused to leave his house despite the divorce.

The ex-wife of the man said, “He had asked me something. Since the fan makes a lot of noise, I switched it off. I thought he wasn’t able to hear me properly because of the fan’s noise. He got furious, called a neighbor and making one of my daughters and that neighbor witness, divorced me.”

Since then, she has been notified to leave the house.


The chief organizer of Public Complaint Centre, Abdul Razzak Maniyar said, “The Mufti of the Haji Ali Dargah has issued a fatwa that the divorce was valid. The two parties want to live separately, but that won’t be good for either of them. We want to make sure the woman lives in the same house with her children.”

A supporter of Muslim Personal Law Board has agreed to issue advisories to qazis to give women opportunity to exclude the clause from their marriage contract.

The Supreme Court has concluded a hearing on the legality of triple talaq and the judgment has been reserved which is expected in June.

The proceedings took six days and the court compared triple talaq to the death sentence. Although these customs have been in use for thousands of years the time has changed now and with the modern era, traditions too must be mended.

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